Baking Memories: Jossi's Quest to Provide the Best Taste Experience

Jossi's passion for creating has been evident in her various interests, ranging from art and handmade jewelry to baking. She began baking in her own kitchen fifteen years ago, and her creations were well-received by friends and family. As a result, she began accepting custom cake orders from those closest to her. Seeking to expand her knowledge and experience in cake production and food management, Jossi began working at the bakeshop at Giant Eagle three years ago. Her passion for fostering a sense of community through food ultimately led her to establish her own business, Jossi's Kitchen and Shop.


On April 22nd Jossi and her family opened Jossi's bakery and shop!

Secured $25k in funding

The aim of the new physical location is to offer customers a welcoming atmosphere to try desserts, enjoy coffee, cake, and socializing. The shop will have a range of cookies, pastries, and cakes available, and a section dedicated to selling homemade embroidery products, handmade jewelry, and art.


Jossi's Kitchen emerged from Jossi's ardent passion for baking, initially cultivated within the walls of her domestic kitchen back in 2008. Since then, her ability to deliver tailor-made cakes and other delectable baked goods to a dedicated following has brought her immense joy, as well as a profound sense of belonging within her community.